Monday, May 29, 2006
8:14 AM

Our Dallas Zoo membership will expire the end of the month, so I guess this will be our last trip to the zoo at least for the next 3 months......the temperature was not as fun as the trip though....

My 'yellow' team and the coach...

" No stroler Mama....I want my wagon..." said Adele.
Aiz and giant Iguana

Lucky shot, I came at to the reptile section at the right time, when these two dragon are 'having a good time'.
(1/25 sec-f4,8;iso 400)

Aiz, my eldest, took the picture on our break, good try try to match the first picture. (1/250 sec-f5,8;iso 400)
Yes....they're my not all of them.(1/180 sec-f8;iso 400)


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